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Tips on Winter-izing your Mercedes Benz

Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling and Jack Frost is nipping away. Make sure he doesn’t nip away at your Mercedes-Benz (and cause damage). Properly winterizing your Mercedes-Benz will keep it running smoothly and keep you safe on the road. Here are some tips to prepare your Mercedes-Benz for battling the elements.

Tires: Make sure your tires are ready to handle any adverse weather conditions this winter by checking the tread depth and pressure. Icy roads can be extremely dangerous if your tires don’t have good traction. Consider snow tires or chains if you live in a snowy climate.

Battery: Battery capacity is reduced during chilly temps. Be sure to have your battery and its cables inspected by a nearby Mercedes-Benz specialist, for fraying or corrosion. Also, have them check the level of charge and the battery fluid level.

Belts/Hoses: Cold temps can weaken belts and hoses, which can lead to them snapping or breaking, something you don’t want while driving on the road. Your local Mercedes-Benz technician can check this to see how they’re holding up.

Brakes: With snowy roads and icy streets, braking can become problem some. Your local Mercedes-Benz service expert can examine your brake pads and discs to make sure there isn’t any extreme wear and tear.

Antifreeze/Engine Coolant: Antifreeze protects the engine from cold weather, while cutting back on corrosion. Don’t damage your engine because you have improper water and antifreeze levels! Get to your local Mercedes-Benz service center to have them check this out. They will be able to recommend the proper type of antifreeze for your Mercedes-Benz.

Engine Oil: Cold temperatures cause engine oil to thicken, which can cause engine damage. Less viscous, or thinner, oil is recommended to use. This will allow the oil to move faster and lubricate the necessary engine surfaces. Your trusted Mercedes-Benz mechanic can help you choose the proper oil type for your vehicle.

Windshield Wipers/Fluid: Driving can become dangerous if your wipers aren’t functioning properly and are scraping across your windshield. Rubber blades can crack and split. If you live in a colder area where it snows, opt for blades that are designed to cut through ice and snow. Make sure your fluid isn’t frozen as well.

Call and schedule an appointment today with your trusted Mercedes-Benz mechanic and “Winter-ize” your vehicle.

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