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You see the notification on your dashboard telling you that it’s time for your first 10,000 mile check-up, what Mercedes Benz calls Service A, which you will probably call an oil change. So do you really need the expertise of a highly trained Mercedes Benz technician? After all how complicated can an oil change be?

Well your Mercedes Benz is a fusion of luxury and performance, advanced safety technologies and engineering excellence, an automotive masterpiece. This 10,000 oil change is in fact a meticulous step by step inspection that is specific to both your vehicles model and year. It is designed to keep your Mercedes Benz performing like the Mercedes was engineered to be.

This is why it is important to take your car to an authorized Mercedes Benz technician.

AutoLabPro uses Mercedes Benz parts specifically engineered to give your particular model optimal performance which is important during your 10,000 oil change.

Call AutoLabPro to schedule your appointment today!

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