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Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. The blazing summer temps can become dangerous to (you and) your Mercedes-Benz, so keeping cool and the air conditioner in check is a necessity.

If you feel your A/C isn’t up to par, have it checked before it’s too late and it shuts down, leaving you in a pile of sweat.

To be in the know, when you take your luxury Mercedes-Benz to the shop, here are some basic things your Mercedes-Benz technician will inspect to keep the A/C functioning at optimum performance.

Evaporator, condenser & compressor: These A/C system components are prone to wear and tear over time. Protect them by regular servicing from a qualified Mercedes-Benz mechanic.

Hoses, valves & pumps: All 3 of these should be properly lubricated. Your trusted Mercedes-Benz service center can do this for you.

Refrigerant level: Checked and added or replaced. If your A/C is super cool, then your refrigerant level is fine…if it’s not, then you may have a leak. Have a Mercedes-Benz repair facility check this out for you.

Radiator: The air flow around the radiator should be inspected, as well as the radiator cap, for cracks.

Noises: Sounds of squealing may be a belt and buzzing may be an overcharged system. Knocking/clicking can be a sign of loose bolts. Any reputable Mercedes-Benz service shop will be able to correctly identify what the problem is by the sound, and fix it.

In addition, your Mercedes-Benz mechanic will visually examine to see if any other A/C system parts are broken or missing, as well as check the temperature, filter and test the pressure.

AutoLabPro, your local Mercedes-Benz repair expert can diagnose and repair the A/C unit in your Mercedes-Benz. Call 848-218-4169 and schedule your appointment today!

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