• R.Roberts

2007 Lambo Gallardo/ UnderGround Racing

One of my customers' Lamborghinis is up for sale. He has dropped by to get some fresh oil and lube, along with a new battery, before he sells it. He told me it hovers around 1000 hp...(Crazy)

It sounds amazing...

So, we went with 20-50 VR1 about 8,5 U.S. Qt

The filter was MOVED...UGR, made a smart move when they relocated the filter to the right rear wheel well. It gets cooler air here, and believe me..this is really helpful in regulating engine temperatures.

See the pics for the new oil filter location.

The battery is located in the front of this car, accessible from the boot (or the so called trunk

which is located in the FRONT of the car).

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